The Senate is a body comprising 11 elected student members who conduct outreach to the student body, work on initiatives to create tangible benefits for UMBC students, and organize and empower other students to strengthen the UMBC community. They also carry the responsibility of serving on UMBC’s many Shared Governance Committees to represent the student body at regular meetings with staff and administrators as they make decisions that shape academic and social life at UMBC.

Senate Meetings

Our meetings are open to all UMBC students and take place

every Monday at 5:30 PM via Webex

during the fall and spring semesters.

Feel free to attend our meetings or email us about our initiatives. If you have ideas of your own to change our campus, stop by and we can work with you to get started!


Senate Body

Shubhi Saxena

Speaker of the Senate

Ayra Hussain

Assistant Speaker of the Senate

Vitoria Chavez

Secretary of the Senate

Hediyah Sadeq


Katherine Yi


Milan Sulibhavi


Nick Grempler


Semret Hailie


Menna Nasser


Arian Nyandjo


Dharma Bhatt