Make Your Mark Scholarship

Leadership comes in many forms. You can lead people in the direction you’re going, point people in the right direction, spend most of your time leading, or be a leader-in-the-moment. There’s no one way to lead, but we certainly seem to only reward one way.” – Matthew Oliphant

The Make Your Mark Leadership Scholarship Fund was established in 2021, by the University of Maryland Baltimore County Student Government Association in recognition of the undergraduate student leaders’ contributions to UMBC and their respective communities. Whether you are an athlete or a student agent of change, we all make our mark in our respective communities in one way or another. The Make Your Mark Leadership Scholarship is aimed to recognize the many types of leadership experiences our UMBC Undergraduates harbor.


2021 Scholarship Recipients


Kristine Antanesian (She/Her) is a senior Biology/Psychology dual major. Through her involvement with the Maryland chapter of the Armenian Youth Federation, Kristine has learned that leadership means kindness, resilience and empowering those around you.

“Leadership is about learning, compiling knowledge, but then what are you going to do with that knowledge? How are you going to relay that to people in a way that makes them want to listen to you?”



Nyla Howell (She/Her) is a sophomore double majoring in Geographic and Environmental Studies and Sociology. Through her involvement as the manager of the Retriever Essential food pantry, Nyla has learned that leadership means being selfless and being willing to take risks.

“Leadership means taking risks, being the first person to step up, because it makes other people comfortable doing the same.”



Haleemat Adekoya (She/Her) is a political science major, pursing a certificate in elementary education. Through her involvement with the Maryland Higher Education Commission, and her non-profit organization, “Dare2Be” Haleemat has learned that leadership means service.

“Leadership means service; one who is willing to lead is willing to come last, ensuring that everyone has gone forth before them and is well okay.”



Marelen Acevedo Soto (She/Her) is a transfer fine-arts and digital design major. Through her passion for the visual arts, Marelen has learned that leadership means utilizing your passion to help others.

“Bring attention to what matters the most, and make change happen.”