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Prove It!

ProveIt! is a campus change competition in which students are challenged to create a novel and innovative project, service, or event on the UMBC campus that not only serves to better the community but also to show that students truly do have the power to take ownership of their surroundings. Students with ideas for projects fitting this description can submit these ideas through detailed proposals, which will then be evaluated based on a variety of factors – including feasibility, sustainability, and their potential contributions to the campus.

The entrants will be competing for one of two awards of up to $10,000 of funding to support the implementation of their idea, and an additional $2,000 worth of stipends will be given to each of the two winning groups as an incentive for making the winning ideas a reality. What kind of project, service or event will win this competition? The door is wide open.

When will the next ProveIt! take place?

The next ProveIt! Competition will be taking place during the 2017-2018 Academic Year! We are currently accepting applications.

Who is eligible to submit proposals?

ProveIt! is open to submissions from all undergraduate members of UMBC’s campus community in good academic standing with the university EXCEPT staff members of the Student Government Association (SGA) who are eligible to receive a stipend (non-stipended staff members are eligible to participate). Past ProveIt! winners are also not eligible to apply. Entrants are encouraged to work in teams and any member of the UMBC community is free to work on/assist projects, but only eligible undergraduates may submit proposals. At least one member of your group must be returning to UMBC for the 2018-2019 school year.

How do I go about creating my proposal?

Seek to connect with campus administrative and academic departments that could potentially be involved in your project, as well as other potential partners on campus. Find out if any steps have already been taken to foster your idea, and determine the degree of work that must be accomplished to make the ultimate goal possible. Information sessions and workshops will be held in the fall to assist groups in the proposal creation process. Check this website and our social media frequently for updates on these opportunities.

Where should I go to apply?

To apply click the link HERE, and submit the application to The application is due Sunday, April 15th (ish), at 11:59:99PM.

Who should I contact if I have questions about “ProveIt!”?

You should contact ProveIt! via email ( with any questions about ProveIt!.