The Student Government Association (SGA) is the voice of the undergraduate students at UMBC.

Serving as one of the governing bodies at UMBC, the SGA meets with key administrators, organizes and empowers the undergraduate student body, and approves campus-wide policies in support of an active, academically enriched, social student environment.

The SGA has an Executive Branch consisting various departments with administrative functions, Legislative Branch consisting of the Senate and the Finance Board, and the Judicial Branch consisting of the Appeals Board and Elections Board.

Every undergraduate student at UMBC is a member of the SGA. Elected officers and many appointed officers run programs, services and advocacy efforts with all undergraduates. SGA’s purpose is to organize and support undergraduate students in creating distinctive community, co-curricular and academic experiences; identify and voice students’ hopes and concerns; engage students in campus activities and decision-making; build mutually beneficial partnerships with individuals and organizations on and off campus and promote and defend students’ welfare.