Officer Stipends

Stipends are valued by hours per week required by the position description. These hour values are then multiplied against the value per credit hour as determined by the university.

Officer Stipends are evaluated by a committee of peers called the Stipend Review Committee. If they decide that an officer is not doing their job in relation to the job responsibilities, then they can choose to reduce that officer’s stipend amount.

The Stipend Review Committee is an accountability system that will ensure that each SGA officer who receives a stipend is completing the job they were hired for. Twice a semester, the Stipend Review Committee will determine if each SGA officer who receives a stipend should receive either their full stipend, or half of their stipend, for that particular pay period.

The Stipend Review Committee will not act as a grounds for impeachment if a member does not receive their stipend – however, it may prompt for further investigation from other members in the SGA. All decisions made by the Stipend Review Committee will be made publicly available via the SGA website and the SGA group on myUMBC.

The Stipend Review Committee consists of 2 Senators, 2 Finance Board Members, 2 representatives from the Executive Branch (Executive Vice President, Treasurer, Vice President of Student Organizations, Cabinet Members, etc.), and the SGA Advisor. With the exception of the SGA advisor, Stipend Review Committee members have a one semester term limit. The Stipend Review Committee is chaired by the Assistant Speaker of the Senate and the Vice Chair of the Finance Board – alternating responsibilities each quarter.


Below is a report comparing how other University System of Maryland schools compensate their SGA officers, as surveyed in 2018.