Appeals Board

The Appeals Board is a part of SGA’s Judicial Branch.

The Board will hear any cases where one party feels another party has violated any principle or material provision of an SGA Guiding Document. The Appeals Board consists of five voting members: three members from the Student Conduct & Community Standards, and two representatives from SGA, nominated by the Nominating Committee and passed through Joint Legislation.

There are only three instances where the Appeals Board will meet:

  1. Reject or uphold candidate disqualification decisions of the Election Board
  2. Determine the final stipends if an SGA officer appeals the stipend awarded from the Stipend Review Committee
  3. Resolve accusations that an SGA officer has violated a material provision or principle of the SGA Guiding Documents.

If one of these instances has been met, an individual will contact the Convener, a staff and/or faculty member at UMBC, who has the responsibility of determining a time and place for the meeting of the Appeals Board.


Dr. Gina Hurny

Covener of the Appeals Board

Assistant Director Parking Services

Jiselle Magana-Lopez

Member of the Appeals Board

Vighnesh Sivaprakasam

Member of the Appeals Board