Financial Resources

Need help figuring out how to fund your org?  Check out our Budgetary Statutes Cheat Sheet!


In order to access the Student Organization budget request applications, your treasurer must be treasurer trained. The SGA Treasurer will be holding in person and virtual Treasurer Trainings almost daily during the first two weeks of the semester. Please check the Student Organization myUMBC events page for updates, dates, and locations.

Additional Financial Resources

  • Student Organization Handbook
    • This is a consolidation of all things related to Student Organizations including Policies and Guidelines, Event Planning, depositing/accessing/using funds from your carryover through SABSC
  • Finance Board Budget Request Training Presentation 23-24
    • This is the presentation used during Finance Board Budget Request Training and goes over the composition of the Finance Board, the Resources they allocate, and how to request funds from the SGA Finance Board.
  • SABSC Appointment Page
    • From the SABSC Appointment page you can reserve a cash box or schedule a purchasing appointment
  • Apply for Finance Board Funding
    • Apply for Funding from the Finance Board. Applications are only shown after the Treasurer of the organization attends Treasurer Training
  • Application Walkthrough
    • This walks through the application process for applying for funds from the Finance Board. Important notes are that:
      • If requesting for an off-campus event, you need advisor approval
      • If requesting an on-campus event, you need to meet with ECS to obtain documentation for any commons fees
  • Reallocation Request
    • This form is to move allocated funds between line items for an event. Funds cannot be shifted between events
      • Off-campus events are funded per-person and cannot be shifted between persons
  • Budgetary Statutes
    • This is the guiding document that the Finance Board follows for decision making
  • Liaison System Contacts
    • Each student organization is assigned a Finance Board Liaison who they can reach out to for Finance Board Related Questions
  • List of Alternative Funding Sources
    • A compiled list of resources that student organizations can use to fundraise on their own
  • SGA Logos
    • All SGA allocated advertisement must include the SGA logo
  • Financial Tracking Document
    • This google sheet was designed to help student organizations keep track of all of their funds including Carryover, SAHAS, and allocated budgets
  • Student Organization Resource Center (SORC)
    • SGA run resource center that has equipment and materials that student organizations can use for free, in order to free up your allocated funding to buy things that are not in SORC.
  • Digital Media Lab (Free Student Rentals)
    • Provides all UMBC students, faculty, and staff with tools to create and edit new and re-use existing audio, video and graphic design objects. Equipment includes cameras, tripods, microphones, projector, and lights.


For Finance Board Questions:

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