First Year Ambassador Program

First Year Ambassador Advisor: Executive Vice President Ekta Daryani

The First Year Ambassador program, also known as FYA program, teaches students the structure of the Student Government Association (SGA) at UMBC. It is SGA’s year-long leadership development program that is open to freshmen and first year transfer students. Furthermore, it teaches students how to take advantage of the agency that they have on campus and how to properly navigate fixing any problem that they may identify. This program also teaches students about campus partners that can assist with program, the history of the initiatives launched by students, and how to better be effective as a student leader.

A key aspect of the program is the opportunity to shadow both elected and appointed officers in two bodies of the organization (Learn more here!); the Legislative and Executive Branches. As a First Year Ambassador, you will have the opportunity to sit in on meetings, assist the officers in their work, and plan events that are large in scale.

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