SGA Departments

Academic Affairs:

Director: Michelle Seu

Assistant Director: Anthony Nguyen



Director: Poulomi Bannerjee

Assistant Director: Lynne Deckel

Webmaster: Emily Kranking


Diversity and Multicultural Affairs:

Director: Ahmed Eissa

Assistant Director: Isabel Geisler


Election Board:

Chair: To Be Determined


Environmental Affairs:

Director: Tyler Sousa

Assistant Director: Meghna Bhatt


Government & Institutional Affairs:

Director: Kyle Wood

Assistant Director: Alejandra Diaz


Health & Wellness:

Director: Jae Yang

Assistant Director: Caroline Taylor


Leadership Development:

Director: Bentley Corbett-Wilson

Assistant Director: Deveraux Smith


Service & Community Outreach:

Director: Ally Yang

Assistant Director: Nitya Kumaran


Student Organization Support Team:

Vice President for Student Organizations: Michael Burgos

Director of SOS: Anisha Khandelwal

Director of Club Alliance: Sohini Kundu

Director of Athletic Relations: Billy Heavner

Communications Liaison:


Financial Support Team:

Marc Sczepeniak

Devaughn Davis

Alex Zarlenga

Gerald Payton