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How To Successfully Manage Your Organization

Marketing your organization

Take a look at this video from LeadingOrgs on Marketing!

Attached Handout on Marketing Organization and Retaining Members

  • Involvement Fest

Involvement Fest happens at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. It is an excellent way of recruiting new members for student organizations. Organizations who participant in the event are allocated table space where they are able to set up a display to showcase what their group is all about (ie pictures, t-shirts, videos, trophies, awards). Some organizations facilitate fun, interactive games to help engage in conversation with potentially new members and to help educate them about their organization  Organizations are recommended to have a sign up list to collect contact information from interested members.  Some organizations have handouts with more information about them, how to get in touch with them, and when/where meetings take place.

The Involvement Fest registration form is sent out to all current officers via the myUMBC “UMBC Student Organizations” group page and sent to the “” mailing list. Registration for Fall Involvement Fest is typically in April/May and registration for Spring Involvement Fest is typically in November/December.

  • Engaging New Members

Take a look at these pages on getting new members involved

Engaging New Members



Setting up/Managing a List-Proc

  1. The Student Organization List Proc was used to advertise to all officers in an organization. The student orgs mailing list ( is currently transitioning to a myUMBC group page called “UMBC Student Organizations” The group page will replace the mailing list.

  2. The purpose of this group page is for advertisement of UMBC events and initiatives and for sharing information between student organizations.

    1. This group page is unmoderated and is open for self-subscription.  All current organizations officers will be invited to join but any UMBC community member may also join.

    2. If a student organization uses this group to advertise an event it should clearly indicate the name of the UMBC student organization and the event which it is advertising for.

    3. If a student organization has a facebook invite or if the event/initiative is on the myUMBC events calendar it can include the link or to upload any relevant flyers/materials to the discussion post.

    4. Please be conscious of language and respectful to other members of this group.

  3. How to use the MyUMBC group

    1. If you want to continue to receive/send updates to/from student org officers you must join this group (this is an open group- anyone can join/leave at any time)

    2. Any information you want to share should be posted under the “Discussions tab”. Any time a new discussion is posted everyone in the group will get an email – however only the person who created the discussion will get notified if someone comments on the initial post.

    3. Student Life Staff (mostly Sara Leidner, Coordinator for Student Orgs & Involvement) will be posting relevant student org announcements & reminders under the “News” tab on the group page

    4. Helpful documents (ie student org policies, procedures, etc.) will be posted under the “Documents tab”

  • Using your Locker and Mailbox

For information on Lockers and your Mailbox check out this handout. (Please link to Mailbox Policy.pdf)

  1. Running Meetings

  2. Engaging Your Members

Watch this video on member engagement!

  • How to update Officers/Constitution/Advisor

To update your officers, constitution, or Advisor please e-mail Sara Leidner

  • Officer Transitions

Just the Basics!

Transition Tools: A Check List for Student Leaders

To ensure a successful transition of a group during a change in the leadership, it is best to share information that is critical to the group’s ongoing function. This document will help you ensure that the you have passed on the group’s basic information to next year’s leaders in your organization.

Complete your organization’s online registration form by the deadline (May 15th). This form is required to remain an active organization and is the primary way that Student Life connects with your leadership. The form will be sent out to all current officers in mid April each year.

If applicable, return your mailbox key for the summer. All organizations must return their mailbox keys for the summer to avoid a charge to their account. Keys can be returned to the Student Life Ambassador desk (located on the 2nd floor of The Commons) between 11:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. each weekday. Keys can be picked up at the beginning of the Fall semester.

If applicable, empty your student organization cabinet (if you weren’t assigned one for the following year). Cabinet questions can also be answered at the Student Life Ambassador desk.

Start planning your Fall events now. It’s never too early to start planning. Visit the Event Planning & Conference Services Office (Commons 335) if you are planning an event in September. Be sure to submit any requests for funding to the Student Government Association in accordance with their deadlines.

Be aware of your organization’s finances. Share your account balances, codes (CV or chartstring numbers), and treasurer information with new leadership.

If you are a President or Treasurer, read all emails sent to the oslinfo mailing list. Organization officers listed on the registration

form are automatically added to this mailing list (another reason it’s important to register). Important updates regarding trainings, budgets and other announcements are sent via this mailing list.

Look for information about mandatory and optional student organization trainings. This information will be sent out over the summer via the oslinfo mailing list and the myUMBC “UMBC Student Organizations” group page. Keep an eye out for it.

Share your new leaders’ information with your club’s advisor. It is important to keep your advisor informed about the transition in leadership.

Utilize the Student Life Ambassadors as resource. They are happy to help you with a variety of issues related to your organization. Stop by during the semester from 11:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday- Friday to utilize their assistance.

Share important contact information and resources with your new leaders!

Also See this Document (Tips for Outgoing Officers)

Leadership Resources

  • LeadingOrgs

LeadingOrgs is Student Life’s annual leadership retreat for student organization officers. It is a fantastic opportunity for student organization leaders to network with their peers, discuss your strengths and challenges of leading a group, understand your leadership style, and help plan for a successful year! It will be held on Saturday, September 7, 2018.

Here are some of the sessions from LeadingOrgs 2013

  • \