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How To Plan An Event On Campus

  1. Secure a Location

    • Visit 25Live

    • Fill out the form with the appropriate information to request a location. Chartstring numbers can be retrieved by student organization officers in the Student Affairs Business Services Center (SABSC), located on the third floor of the Commons, room 335 (enter through the Commons Administration, Room 336).

  2. Collaborate with Other Organizations

    • Contact the Vice President for Student Organizations

    • Collaboration is simple! Find another organization that has similar interests to your own and work with them to plan an event or initiative. If you need any help contacting other organization, finding an organization to collaborate with, or brainstorming ideas, contact the Student Organization Support Team and we will be able to help!

    • Why is collaboration great? Collaborating with different groups of people can bring up new ideas that will enhance your event! It also fosters close relationships between organizations and students. Not to mention, it is a great way to bring out a larger group of people to your event!

  3. Plan the Logistics
    • Contact Event Planning and Conference Services:
    • Explore catering options
      • Chartwells
        • Contact – Trevor Beauchamp
        • Chartwells allows online ordering for catering. A tutorial can be found here.
        • When ordering, add what you need to your cart. A printout of the review of the order before payment can be used for Allocation Requests.
      • Glenmore
        • E-mail:; Phone Number: (410) 455-5930
        • When contacting Glenmore, let them know you are from UMBC, what organization you are with, the date of your event, how many people you will need food catered for, and an expected budget. Glenmore will work with you and your price range to deliver a quote for your event. This quote can be used for Allocation Requests.
    • Security
      • Depending on the size of the event, security is required for crowd control. The amount and type of security will be determined by event security, and is usually in the form of student marshals. Security fees must be considered when filling out allocation requests. A price list is located on the event planning form. Required security depends on location and size.
      • University Center: Ballroom
        • 200 – 300 People: Seated Event – 2 Student Marshals; Standing Event – 4 Student Marshals*
        • 400 – 450 People: Seated Event – 3 Student Marshals; Standing Event – 5 Student Marshals*
      • Lecture Halls or the Fine Arts Recital Hall
        • 100 People: Seated Event – 1 Student Marshal **
      • The Commons – any social location
        • 100+ People: Standing Event – 1 Student Marshal **
      • Outdoors – Erickson Courtyard, Harbor Courtyard, The Quad
        • 100+ People: Standing Event – 1 Student Marshal **
  4. Secure Tickets for the Event (If Needed)
    • During the event management process fill out the Ticket Sale Request Form. Once Student Affairs Business Services Center (SABSC) and SGA approve of the tickets, your organization is to take the form to Commonvision. commonvision will help design the tickets; once they are designed, a print job will be created. commonvision will then take the Ticket Request Form to the Campus Information Center (CIC), where tickets will go on sale.
    • Once ticket sales end, the ticket sale materials will be taken offline and placed in the cash box SABSC designates to you, which will be held in the CIC.
    • The day of the event, two admission crew members, provided by the Commons Event Planning and Conference Services, will be there to sell tickets, take previously sold tickets, and wristband all guests. This will happen from when the doors open until they close, these times are designated during event planning. The admission crew members will reconcile the admission materials at the designated time the doors close. Have your organization’s Treasurer e-mail the Student Affairs Business Services Center ( on the next business day in order to reconcile the deposit.
  5. Complete Final Tasks
    • Attend SAFE (“Safe and Fun Events”) Meeting
      • As a final checkpoint before everything is confirmed, Event Planning and Conference Services will schedule a SAFE meeting at your organization’s next meeting. This meeting lasts around 15 minutes.
    • Organize Members
      • Make sure your organization’s members know their role in order to make the event successful. Everyone needs to work cooperatively to make the event a success!


Getting People to Attend

  • Promotion–Think about the following before promoting your event/initiative:
    • Event/Initiative Name
      • The name of your event is very important. Does your name let the average student know what the event or initiative is? An event or initiative name that has no indication of what the event or initiative is will not attract a very large audience.
      • What message is your name implying? A good name implies the message of the event/initiative.
    • Details
      • What is the category of your event or initiative? Is it cultural, professional, educational…etc? How are you going to include this in your promotion?
    • Contact information
      • How obvious is the contact information? Can people just show up or participate without contacting you? Should it even be promoted?
    • Attraction
      • What audience are you looking for? Is there a specific demographic of people this event or initiative will attract?


Things to Consider

Resources available to organizations to promote their events and initiatives:

  • commonvision
    • Design
      • Color: Are there any colors significant to your event? Are there any color combinations that help your flyer stand out
      • Font: Commonvision can help design flyers
    • Printing: Go to Commonvision with your image in a PDF file, and tell them what form of advertisements you want. They will complete your order in 2-4 business days and will contact you when it is complete. Payments can only be made by campus card, department card, or authorized Chartstring numbers.
    • iNet Packages: You can purchase packages to promote events/groups on the televisions located throughout the Commons, on Academic Row, and in the Administration Building. For a “Choice Event Highlight”, you pay $100 for a 2 week broadcast. Duration and production is case dependent. For an “Awareness Campaign”, you pay $200 and the campaign lasts 4 weeks. The duration and time of production for this is also case dependent.  Payment can only be made by campus card, department card, or authorized chartstring numbers.
    • Student Organization Marketing Packages:
    • Pricing Sheet/Tips for creating posters:
  • 100 Free Black & White flyers–How do we use them?
    • Every organization gets 100 free Black & White flyers, courtesy of SGA. To get your copier access code, simply talk to the Campus Life Ambassador in the Office of Campus Life (The Commons, Room 336).
    • NOTE: Only an officer can request for a printer/copier code.
  • myUMBC Group
    • Why is a group important? A group on myUMBC is important because it connects everyone in the group/organization on a common platform. By establishing a group, an organization can post about their organization, create and promote events, and facilitate group discussions. It is an excellent way to promote your organization, show what it does and how it functions, and inform the UMBC student body, keeping the community informed.
    • You can create a group here:
  • myUMBC Promotions (formerly “Spotlights”)
    • Various myUMBC posts and events can be “promoted” and appear at the top of the timeline on the myUMBC homepage. They are a great way to advertise an upcoming event and/or initiative.
    • On your group home page (you must create a group if you don’t have one):
      1. Go to the post or event you want to promote
      2. Click the Promote button
      3. Follow the instructions to pick the date you want your promotion to run
  • myUMBC Event Calendar
    • What is it? The Event Calendar is a hyperlink on the Start page for myUMBC. It shows all of the events that are happening on campus, when they are, where they are located, etc.
    • If you are an Administrator of a myUMBC Group, you can post
    • Also, check out this handout on myUMBC for more tips on how myUMBC can be helpful to your organization!
  • Social Media
    • Facebook
      • Create a Facebook Event. Use a catchy description and a clever cover photo, try to have your organization create one just for the event. Have every member invite all their friends to the event to get the word out, and occasionally post in the event page to send invitees notifications about the event.
      • Have members of your organization update their cover photos/profile photos to the advertisement for the event to also help get the word out.
  • Personal Connections
    • Have members talk to their friends. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to get an event.
  • Campus Posting
    • The Campus Posting Policy can be found here.
    • How to post in different places.
      • The Commons: You are freely allowed to put fliers on the designated tables.  These tables include the ones under the flags on Market Street (where the majority of food options are available). As for the surfboard-shaped tables near the Campus Information Center (CIC), and on the second floor outside the Mosaic Center, you are supposed to give your fliers to the CIC desk so they will put them on the tables. Make sure you do so as your fliers might be discarded, and you can be fined. To post on the giant pillars, give the CIC your fliers. They will hang them on the pillars.
      • Residential Life: Student Organizations need to submit a flier to the Residential Life Office who will approve the flier and stamp it. Fliers can be sent to Residential Life via email to Ms. Cindy Malone (  Fliers can also be physically brought to the Residential Life office, which is located on the first floor of Erickson Hall, the main entrance is under the awning labeled “Residential Life”. After approval, you print 92 copies (exactly!) of the stamped flier and bring it to the office’s front desk. (you can use your free 1000 B/W copies for this! See marketing under event promotion)
      • Academic Row: You are allowed to post on any fixture designed to hold advertisements on Academic Row, provided you don’t cover anyone else’s flier. Your flier should be taken down within 2 days of the event. Some boards (located near Administrative, Academic, Student Organization offices) require special permission from their owners to post.
      • Classrooms: Fliers cannot be posted in classrooms. Any fliers posted in classrooms will be discarded and the associated group will be fined.