Goal Statement: Our aim is to turn UMBC into a direct democracy. In short, this means that all decisions made by us will first be voted on by the people. This will be done in weekly in-person/virtual elections. (Free food will be provided!). We truly feel that it is time to put an end to middlemen politicians, and this is exactly what we are setting out to do. With us, it’s your voice, your choice!

Justin’s Experience: This isn’t my first rodeo in SGA. A few years back, I was a First Year Ambassador and Senator. Besides this, I also served on multiple committees, including one that determined whether or not individuals within SGA deserved their stipend. All of this has taught me how SGA functions, and therefore how to best effect positive change upon it.

Outside of this, I was and am still involved in multiple student organizations. For example, I founded a student poker club that currently has over 50+ members. As President of this group, I had routine votes where students decided on every important club decision. This is a style of governance that I plan on using as SGA President.

Zara’s Experience: My running-mate has been involved in more student organizations than she can count on both hands. Within these, she has held numerous officer positions. Because of this, she has an excellent understanding of their general needs and frustrations. This is invaluable as one must be able to identify a problem before they can actually solve it.