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Requesting Funds from SGA

To request funding from the SGA Finance Board, please note that your organization’s Treasurer must complete SGA Treasurer Training in order to request funds. For more information about Treasurer Training, please contact Hannah Sadollah, SGA’s Treasurer or the student organization support team.

This is the Allocation Request Form that student organizations requesting funds from the Finance Board should use until further notice. Please print this form, complete it, attach all documentation, and submit to the SGA Office (Commons 2B20) during regular business hours (9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.). All signatures on the form must be handwritten, not typed.  Once you have completed the form please submit it to Hannah Sadollah’s mailbox in the SGA office.

This is the Reallocation Request Form. If your funding needs change after your request has been funded, fill this out and submit it to the SGA Treasurer for review.

Once your request has been funded, you will need to work with the Student Affairs Business Services Center to expend your funds. Below is a video about the center.

To access a copy of a Request for the Expenditure of SGA Funds (RESGAF) form, click here.


The Merchandise Fund and Marketing Fund have been closed for the Fall semester. Please check back early on in the Spring Semester if you were not able to apply for either this semester!