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SGA Monthly: September 2020 Issue

The first issue of our monthly newsletter!

September 30, 2020 2:19 AM
The SGA Monthly is the Student Government Association's effort to connect all bodies of our UMBC and extended communities with one another, through a common source -- full of updated information as well as stories about things that bring us together.

This month's newsletter includes:
  • Opportunities to get involved with SGA and to participate in events hosted by us
  • A Student Spotlight on our President, Mehrshad Devin and all of the things that make him who he is
  • A Staff Spotlight on Dr. Nancy Young on encounters that have shaped her life
  • Mental Health & Student Wellness resources
  • Retriever Reflections: We asked YOU how you were doing, and featured some of your anonymous, vulnerable answers
  • A feature on OCA Mocha, our community coffee shop on all the ways it embodies connection with one another
Download this issue by clicking on the button below! (You must be viewing this page in myUMBC to see the download link).

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