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SGA 2021 Election Candidate List

See who is running in this year's SGA election

March 10, 2021 3:11 PM
The approved candidate list for this year's SGA Election is here! Come look at who is running and keep an eye out for their campaign material through social media. 

Want to learn more about the candidates? Check out the SGA website and our upcoming events to get to know the candidates.

This year's candidates: 
  • Mehrshad Fahim Devin President
  • Ekta Daryani Vice President
  • Michael Chapman Treasurer
  • Ayah Aligabi Treasurer
  • Nailah-Bena Chambers Senate Representative
  • Nick Grempler  Senate Representative
  • Mati Tadzong Senate Representative
  • Shefra Shah Senate Representative
  • Leyton Lineburg Senate Representative
  • Milan Sulibhavi Senate Representative
  • Katherine Yi Senate Representative
  • Franklin Sun Senate Representative
  • Ayra Hussain Senate Representative
  • Hediyah Sadeq Senate Representative
  • Shubhi Saxena Senate Representative
  • Wendy Zhang Senate Representative
  • Ana Moreno Chaza Senate Representative
  • Yassin Elalamy  Senate Representative
  • Sabiehh Mateen Senate Representative
  • Menna Nasser Senate Representative
  • Semret Hailie Senate Representative
  • Rees Draminski Senate Representative
  • Abdel Nasser Senate Representative
  • Kevin Gibbons Finance Board Representative
  • Imani Hasell Finance Board Representative
  • Fiona Tolentino Finance Board Representative
  • Sruthi Ramesh Finance Board Representative
  • Rehman Liaqat Finance Board Representative
  • Aliyah Adegun Finance Board Representative
  • Devan Kapoor Finance Board Representative