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2020 SGA Elections: Rule Violation

Election Board’s response to TR ticket #1300499

April 22, 2020 5:41 PM

The UMBC SGA Election Board recently received notification of a possible campaign violation made by ISCOM endorsing Joshua Gray for SGA Vice President.


The post was found to not violate 2020 UMBC SGA Election Rules on endorsements as an endorsement was previously made for Joshua Gray on behalf of the ISCOM officers. The endorsement list has been updated to reflect this. The post is considered passive as users on the website can elect to ignore the advertisement if they wish.


ISCOM’s post must be edited to display the officer’s endorsement which would serve to specify the source of endorsement, not presuming every members’ decision.


The Election Board reminds candidates and their campaign representatives to reference the Election Rules to ensure that their actions are within election guidelines.

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