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January 27, 2020 1:32 PM

We are thrilled to announce the appointment of Frances Watson as SGA President. Frances is a current junior, majoring in Computer Science. Frances is a Center for Women in Technology Scholar that has had many on-campus roles, including being President of the Chesapeake Hall Community Council her freshman year, serving as an SGA Senator, and previous Executive Vice President. In addition to these leadership roles, Frances is passionate about making an impact within the community and ensuring the UMBC adventure is fulfilling for all students. She brings a wide variety of experiences to the position of SGA President. She makes an effort to engage in positive leadership and has spent time as a leader promoting her peers’ involvement in the UMBC community.

In addition, the Student Government Association would like to thank our past President, Vrinda Deshpande, for her service to students at UMBC. She has serviced as the consummate advocate for students during her tenure as Executive Vice President (2018-2019) and President (Fall 2019) and her legacy within SGA is one of compassion, thoughtfulness, and relationship building. We again thank her for her service and contributions to SGA and the UMBC community.

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