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12/02 Senate Meeting Updates

December 3, 2019 9:17 PM
Happy Tuesday everyone! Here are the updates on policies and initiatives from Monday’s Senate meeting (12/02).

1.  New Business
    • Presentation from IT Department
      • myUMBC user interface will be getting an update.
      • Plans for integration of pronouns/gender identity to myUMBC are in progress.
      • Updates to Degree Progress on myUMBC: reminders and notifications for students, and notifications for advisors of student degree progress are being considered.
      • Updates to Groups on myUMBC tentatively set for Fall 2020: unifying the Groups user interface with the rest of myUMBC.
    • Presentation from Transit
      • Spring 2017 surveys showed that students want more access to UMBC BWI bus route: BWI Route will now stop at the freshman lot!
      • Accessibility around and off campus for students with mobility issues will be addressed.
      • 4 new vehicles (23-passenger capacity) will be added next semester: 2 BWI, 2 Arbutus routes.
2.  Senator Updates
    • Initiatives
      • Senate is participating in the Myerhoff Cleaning Program and is planning to repaint benches and powerwash places/buildings on campus that require cleaning.
      • Senate is trying to come up with ways to make campus safe for everyone: plans to increase security around campus were discussed.
    • Shared Governance Committees
      • Updates from Dining Committee:
        • Halal Shack will be the late-night option in the Spring semester.
        • A Bubble Tea place has replaced Masala until the end of the semester.
        • New additions to UMBC Dining are being considered, including a Mac & Cheese Bar, Irish Fare, German Dishes, and Bao Buns.
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