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11/18 Senate Meeting Updates

November 19, 2019 10:10 PM
Happy Tuesday everyone! Here are the updates on policies and initiatives from Monday’s Senate meeting (11/18).

  • Senate posted OCA Mocha vlog: 3rd episode of the vlog series.
  • OCA Mocha direct shuttle has been canceled.
  • Cultural Calendar’ has been added to SGA Apps. Cultural Calendar gathers events from cultural organizations through myUMBC and posts them to the calendar.
  • SGA is conducting a Food Drive for Retriever Essentials through December 6.
  • Senate had a meeting with the Coordinator for Student Diversity and Inclusion and discussed the Interfaith Center (IFC); discussed having office hours for IFC, and small study rooms or rooms for bible study.
Shared Governance Committees
  • 3% projected tuition increase. Reason being renovations, minimum wage increase.
  • Changes to student portal were discussed at meeting with University Health Services. Additionally, changes to check-in process for students who don't identify with certain pronouns in order to make students feel more comfortable were discussed.
  • Blackboard is upgrading from Blackboard Learn to Blackboard Ultra in Fall 2021. Advantages: more accessible to users. Surveys reported positive feedback.
  • Proposal to make changes to PHYS 107 and 201 in order to make active learning possible for students.

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