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UMBC Sustainability Retriever

October 17, 2019 8:19 PM
To celebrate this year’s Campus Sustainability Month, Sustainability Matters (the University’s Office of Sustainability) and SGA collaborated to create the UMBC Sustainability Retriever. The new interactive web-based mapping application provides easy access to a full range of UMBC’s many sustainability features, programs, and activities. The interactive map provides information and links to a wide range of topics organized into the following categories: · Built Environment · Lifestyle · Natural Environment · Outdoor Air Quality · SGA Transit Activity Guides · Transportation · Retriever Essentials · UMBC Transit Each category is marked on an interactive map, which provides locations of notable features. Points of interest on the map include photos and links to additional information. Sustainability Matters will regularly update the map with new information. Anyone who has updated information for items currently listed on the map or would like to include additional items may contact Ryan Kmetz at

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