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4/15 Senate Meeting Updates

April 17, 2019 2:49 PM

Good afternoon and happy Wednesday! Here are the updates from Monday’s Senate meeting on April 15th.

General Public Forum

  • An issue that was brought to attention to increasing access in the buildings as those in wheelchairs or dealings with some other physical impediment have difficulty getting to their desired locations- particularly classes in the upper levels of the fine arts building.

Communications Updates

  • Student Dining

    • There have been talks about rebranding True Grits with new furniture, pictures, and more.

    • Campus Friendly Campaigns to be more eco-friendly will include:

      • Compostable lids

      • Skip the Straw campaign

      • The SGA Executive Council initiative will look to promote reusable bags.

    • Upcoming events to look forward to include:

      • April 17th

        • Chicken sub pop-up

        • Food Truck Fridays and Wednesdays starting 4/17

          • Coopers

          • Ice Gems

      • April 24th

        • For Stop Food Waste Day, there will be a prize wheel and demo using a hydroponic garden.

      • April 27th

        • Iron Chef Competition

          • There is a sign-up form online through social media sites (@UMBC Dining)

      • April 29th

        • Cultural Cuisine Day

      • Halal Night UMBC Muslim Student Association (MSA)

      • Masala has gone completely halal.

      • Chicken cheesesteak at Pollo.

      • Milkshakes to come at UMBC’s Chick-fil-A.

  • University Steering Committee

    • From the discussions about Retriever Courage, the structure was discussed, emphasizing a two-way communication.

      • There is still a need to train 1700+ of the 2800 faculty members on sexual violence

      • Student sexual violence training is coming through several outlets in order to get the entire student body involved.(Freshmen orientation and integration into arts and humanities classes.

    • There are plans to rebuild the Human Relations Committee.

Senate Initiatives

  • We have gotten in contact with Dan Barnhart and will be connected to the operations system to discuss on how to increase the access to outlets for charging- possibly charging stations.

    • Yasmin Carter ( will accept input on how to improve the library (ex. Charging stations, outlets, etc.)

  • The Diversity Thinking: A Global Perspective event will be held on May 1st from 3:30PM-5:30PM to talk about interdisciplinary studies and encourage collaboration among different majors. This event will be catered by Peace o’ Pizza.

  • A refresh of UMBC’s Bike-Share program has been given the okay and will be implemented in the Spring or early Fall. While there is no final decision, there are plans for the bike racks to be near the Library, Walker Apartments, and the RAC.

  • The mental-health awareness event, Breaking the Silence, will be at SportsZone on May 8th from 5PM-6:30PM.

    • If any faculty would like to be a panelist contact Bisola Amodu at (

  • After meeting with Retriever Essentials, there is an upcoming event on addressing food insecurity, that will be held every semester.

  • There was a meeting with a representative from both the English Language Institute and the Student Disability Services groups to discuss how to mobilize disparate groups.

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