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4/8 Senate Meeting Updates

April 11, 2019 9:51 AM

Good morning everyone! Here are some initiative updates from the Senate meeting on April 8th.

Senator Initiatives:

  • There is an upcoming meeting to discuss food essentials.

  • We are working on finalizing a space for a food pantry. There is no official space yet but finalizations will be coming soon.

  • The Mental-Health initiative is on! Date and location coming soon!

  • There was a meeting with a representative from Transfer Students to discuss how to help international and students with disabilities.

  • The date for the STEM / non-STEM event will be pushed back because a room could not be reserved. More updates will come when a new date is decided upon.

  • Upcoming meeting for a Transfer Student Support Committee

    • Any questions that can be asked during a Town Hall meeting, send them to Brandon Liu (

  • There is a meeting with NAMI and ELI this week to discuss experiences of students with disabilities and international students.

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