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Transitioning to UMBC is Hard - Peer Mentors Make it Easy

Providing Support and Resources for First Year Students

October 30, 2018 7:35 AM
Think back to the summer leading up to your first year at UMBC. 
Did you leave orientation feeling prepared to achieve academic success?...
Did your OPA assure you that your class schedule was not as bad as it seemed?...

Now fast-forward to the first few weeks of the semester.
Did your Woolie show you the best food places on campus or the quickest way to get to your classes?... 
Did you leave Involvement Fest feeling connected to one or more student orgs?...

For some of us, the transition to UMBC was smooth and easy. Others had an extremely rough time and made mistakes along the way. To some, the transition was just meh - neither great nor terrible. I, personally, had a great transition to UMBC. I owe my success to a few students who gave me the tips and tricks they learned along the course of their first two semesters. Because of this and other similar stories, I believe that we, the students, are the greatest resources that UMBC has to offer. 

Let's work together to make an avenue for the best possible transition for future UMBC students!

-- Princess Njemanze, SGA Executive Council Member

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