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Environmentalism on campus

Building a culture of sustainability

October 18, 2018 10:21 AM
Culture--that's what I want environmentalism at UMBC to be. 

Picture this: sustainability so deeply ingrained in campus culture, that it's common to see students carrying a reusable straw in their backpacks or unplugging their laptops when they're not in use. The campus is clean, no trash to be seen, and our carbon footprint reaches an all-time zero. UMBC becomes a place known not only for her strong academics, but also for her ability to give back to the earth.

 That is my vision of change for UMBC, and it is the vision of many students on campus as well. As a part of SGA, I am beyond excited to put this vision into action through my initiatives. In order for this vision to come true, we students need to start living it out. Instead of just talking about what we can do, let's do it.

-- Sierra Barkdoll, SGA Executive Council Member

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