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Election Night 2018 - It's our time

#UMBCVotes in the 2018 Midterm Elections

September 19, 2018 9:43 AM
We need to vote. Elected officials pay attention to the interests and needs of people who vote, not those who stay home. Tuition, funding for education, economic growth and sustainability, decisions about transportation, and much more hinge on the outcomes of elections. 

College students, and younger voters generally, have a reputation for failing to show up. But not at UMBC. And we are going to keep that true by pledging that we are #allintovote

Through a series of bipartisan events created  in collaboration with SGA, (seb), RSA, College Democrats, and College Republicans, we will engage and encourage the UMBC community to let their voice be heard through our right to vote. 

Join us at Election Night Extravaganza on Tuesday, November 6th - we'll have livestreams of the results coming in, games, and pizza! Throughout this season, we'll have a number of events leading up to the big night. Follow our myUMBC Group for the latest updates. 

This is our election. #UMBCVotes 
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