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What does an Executive Council Member Do?

Apply today for a leadership position with SGA!

May 29, 2018 8:33 AM
We're hoping to answer some of your questions about the changes to the SGA Executive Branch through a series of myUMBC posts. Don't forget to apply at by Friday, August 17th at 5pm

-- Collin & Vrinda 

What does a member of the Executive Council do? 

Executive Council members will be the project leads of initiatives in the Executive Branch of SGA. At the beginning of the year, Executive Council members will determine what opportunities on campus and in our community most interest them. They will build a team of individuals that are dedicated to improving our campus.

From academic affairs, to health and wellness, to diversity and inclusion, to environmental sustainability, to service and community outreach, to civic engagement, to everything in between -- Executive Council members will work with their team to implement solutions to campus concerns. Addressing these concerns could involve coordinating town halls, collaborating with administration to develop a campus-wide initiative, or engaging organizations outside the loop. 

Even if you don't have a specific initiative in mind, you are still encouraged to apply to the Executive Council! You can work with other members to develop an initiative. 

What is the time commitment for a member of the Executive Council? 

Executive Council members have the opportunity to make their own schedules. The expectation is that Executive Council members are working on SGA related activities 5-10 hours per week. Executive Council members are required to attend meetings of the council which take place every other Wednesday during free hour. Note that some weeks may be more involved than others. Your SGA work should not get in the way of self-care time and studying for your classes - you come first! 

What do you get in return as a member of the Executive Council? 

This is the perfect opportunity to make your mark on the UMBC community, and work with students, faculty, staff, and administrators to make meaningful change for years to come. Executive Council Members are also paid an annual stipend.

What happened to SGA Departments or Units?

It's all about collaboration. In our experience, titles like "Unit Coordinator of <<insert specific category here>>" create labels and are barriers for collaboration. Our interest is getting initiatives and projects done - not assigning titles. The way we look at the Executive Branch is to have structure, but not so much that it becomes restrictive.

How do I apply to be a member of the Executive Council, or any other positions in SGA? 

Easy! Go to and click on the position you are interested in applying for. Applications are due on Friday, August 17th at 5pm. 

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