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Candidate List for 2018 SGA Election!

Get familiar with this year's candidates!

April 5, 2018 3:50 PM

Below is a list of the students who submitted applications to run for SGA positions in the April election. This list is preliminary and not final (the names listed below will be checked for eligibility and may appear differently on the ballot, including their order).

In order to be elected, candidates (even those running unopposed) must receive at least 5% of the number of total votes cast in the election. Candidates for the executive positions are elected by the Instant Runoff system, while candidates for Senate and Finance Board are elected by plurality. The top eleven vote receiving candidates will be elected to Senate. The top five vote receiving candidates will be elected to Finance Board. Write-in votes are permitted in SGA elections.

The election will take place via myUMBC from 7pm to 7am nightly on Monday April 23rd, Tuesday April 24th, and Wednesday April 25th.

The Election Board is hosting two events to promote the election. On April 9th from 12-1pm on Commons Mainstreet we will host Screen printing and Senate candidates.On April 11th from 4-5pm we will have pizza with the Executive and Finance Board candidates in the Commons Sports Zone.

President (1 candidate, 1 available position):

Collin Sullivan (Running Mate: Vrinda Deshpande)

Executive Vice President (1 candidate, 1 available position):

Vrinda Deshpande (Running Mate: Collin Sullivan)

Vice President for Student Organizations (2 candidates, 1 available position):

Zane Poffenberger

Koby Samuel

Treasurer (2 candidates, 1 available position):

Zhihong Pang

Carly Socha

Finance Board Representative (6 candidates, 5 available positions):

Scott Buchan

Kunal Jain

Sultan Mahmud

Sosena Megabiaw

Tanya Ramsey

Daniel Wang

Senator (12 candidates, 11 available positions):

Mariam Abalo-Toga

Eke Agbai

Kian D Azizi-Namini

Kai Hajos

Miles Hunter

Lilly Keplinger

Liam Kim

Brandon Liu

Patrick Reid

Jared Richard

Mike Spano

Jordan Troutman

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