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May 26, 2016 10:26 AM

Get Involved in SGA!

Department Staff Member

The easiest way to get involved in Student Government is to join a department that interests you. The SGA has eight departments: Academic Affairs, Communications, Community & Service, Diversity & Multicultural Affairs, Environmental Affairs, Institutional Affairs & Student Advocacy, Health & Wellness, and Leadership Development. Each department focuses on a different area of policy and is organized under a Director and Assistant Director. To be placed in a department of your choice, just fill out the form below!

Department Member/General Interest Form

*This application for Department Members is open year round.*

The SGA is looking for experienced, motivated students to take on leadership positions in the Executive Branch Departments, Student Organization Support Team, and Financial Support Team. These positions come with significant responsibilities and are valuable opportunities to work on issues that matter to you while cultivating relationships with UMBC students, staff, and faculty. Please see below for a listing of open positions. You may apply for more than one position. The deadline for the following applications is Friday, June 10th, 11:59pm

Open Positions in the Executive Branch:

Department Director and Assistant Director - Will be responsible for organizing department projects and initiatives, holding regular departmental meetings, cultivating relationships with students, staff, and faculty, and generally managing the day-to-day administration of the department. The Assistant Director is expected to support the Director in all of the above expectations and to take responsibility in the absence of the Department Director. Here is a description of all of the Departments of SGA.

Click here to apply to be a Department Director or Assistant Director!

Chief of Staff - Will serve as a point of contact for all Executive Cabinet positions and advise them in the absence of the President and Executive Vice President. Additional responsibilities of the position include collecting and consolidating bi-weekly reports from all coordinators and department directors, enforcing office hours of all paid members of SGA, organizing regular executive branch meetings, and maintaining communication between the branches of SGA.

Click here to apply to be Chief of Staff!

Coordinator of Internal Affairs - Will be expected to organize the official SGA calendar, respond to students who enter the office with questions about SGA, enforce office hours of all paid members of SGA, ensure that office supplies are in stock, perform basic computer maintenance, and generally take responsibility for the day-to-day administration of the SGA office.

Click here to apply to be Coordinator of Internal Affairs!

Executive Aide to the President - Will work closely with the SGA President (Bentley Corbett) and be expected to manage the President’s official tasks such as, calendar, social media, and other organizational tools. It is expected that the Executive Aide possess excellent organizational skills and be ready to take on all related responsibilities as necessary.

Click here to apply to be the Executive Aide to the President!

Webmaster - Will be expected to maintain the status and update the content of the SGA website. Requires regular communication with many members of both the Executive and Legislative Branches. This position requires a background in web development and/or programming, and will be responsible for some social media.

Click here to apply to the the Webmaster!

Open Positions in the Student Organization Support Team:

Director of SOS - Will partner with the VPSO (Sanjum Singh) to develop initiatives and help advise clubs and organizations on campus. Responsibilities include managing SOS members and developing new strategies to increase student involvement in various areas on campus.

Click here to apply to be Director of SOS!

Director of Athletic Relations - Will oversee relations between the athletic department, SGA, and other related clubs and organizations on campus. Responsibilities include increasing athletic participation on campus and maximizing resources available to athletics to further collaboration between other clubs and organizations. They will also share a seat on the Athletic Policy Committee.

Click here to apply to be the Director of Athletic Relations!

SOS Events Coordinator - Will help plan, organize, and execute any events to support student organizations. Responsibilities include meeting with student organizations to provide any additional support needed, and work closely with the VPSO for event planning.

Click here to apply the SOS Events Coordinator!

Open Positions in the Financial Support Team:

Members of the Financial Support Team work closely with the SGA Treasurer (Surovi Bain) and members of the Finance Board to provide analysis of SGA finances to SGA leaders and student organizations alike. FST members will be expected to report to the SGA Treasurer and may be required to attend Finance Board meetings every Tuesday evening.

Click here to apply to be a member of the Financial Support Team!

***Please note: all SGA positions that are eligible for a stipend are subject to review by the Stipend Review Committee***

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