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Finance Board

About the Finance Board

The Finance Board is part of the SGA’s legislative branch; we are a dynamic body that allocates funds to support student organization activities.The Finance Board consists of seven voting members: five at-large Finance Board Representatives (which include the Chair and the Vice Chair), the SGA Treasurer, and the SGA Vice President for Student Organizations.┬áMembers of the Finance Board will allocate $330,000 to student organizations over the course of the 2019-2020 academic year.

Finance Board Meetings

Our meetings are open to all UMBC students and take place every Tuesday (during the fall and spring semesters) at 5:30 PM in Commons 318. The majority of work is done at our weekly meetings, in which voting members partake in extensive discussions to determine if funding particular allocation requests effectively uses the student dollar. We spend significant time working with a variety of student organizations on campus and increasing transparency between SGA and student organizations.


Liam Gil Kim
Chair of the Finance Board
Justin Conner
Vice Chair of the Finance Board
Michael Chapman
Finance Board Representative
Elise Choi
Finance Board Representative
Mohammed Khalid
Finance Board Representative
Ilsa Mir
Finance Board Representative
Nithya Prakash
Finance Board Representative
Zane Poffenberger
Vice President for Student Organizations
Scott Buchan