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FY20 Budget Proposal: Final Proposal

You spoke – we listened. SGA Leadership has prepared the Final FY20 Budget Proposal. This is the budget that will be presented to both Senate and Finance Board for their consideration.

The Student Government Association is the owner of the Student Activity Fee, which funds UMBC’s charter organizations, student organizations through the Finance Board, SGA administrative costs, officer stipends, SGA programs and initiatives, and University co-sponsorships. Every spring, the SGA President and the SGA Treasurer propose a budget to Senate and Finance Board. The budget bill must be passed through Joint Legislation, though Senate is the only body that has the authority to increase or decrease specific line items in the budget. Once the budget bill passes Senate and Finance Board, the President must approve the budget, and submit it to the Student Activity Fee Review Board.

Values and Priorities of the FY20 Budget:

  • Maintain the cost of the Student Activity Fee
  • Promote student organizations that create a vibrant campus life
  • Encourage people to run for office and dedicate time to SGA by providing┬ácompetitive wages
  • Eliminate waste of internal SGA budgeting
  • Evaluate use of the Student Activity Fee for institutional programs

Your Student Activity Fee for FY20:

Line Item Fee
Student Organizations (Finance Board Allocation Pot) $29.25
Charter Organization Support $28.59
SGA Administrative Support $22.05
SGA Officer Stipends $10.10
University Partnerships & Collaborations $7.12
SGA Programs & Operations $6.89
TOTAL:  $104.00

Overall Breakdown

Changes to Student Organization Funding

Goals of Student Organization:

  • Promote student organizations that create a vibrant campus life
  • Evaluate how the Student Activity Fee is being distributed to charter and non-charter student organizations
  • Provide the Finance Board with more flexibility to fund student organizations


  • Charter organizations are operating and funded at the same levels FY19
  • Finance Board pot will be $313,000.00 (an increase from FY19’s $275,000.00)
  • Significant proposed changes to the Finance Board

Changes to SGA Officer Stipends

Goals of SGA Officer Stipends:

  • Use outside metrics to aid in creating stipends
  • Reduce the discrepancy between high leadership and other positions
  • Provide competitive wages against on and off campus opportunities
  • Encourage officers to use their time with SGA and promote retention
  • Remove the economic barrier to get involved with SGA


  • Significant stipend increases across the board
  • A multi-year problem – even after these changes, appointed officers will still need to be addressed in the future (under the same principles)
  • Budgeted for two additional Finance Board Representatives
  • Proposal comes without increasing the Student Activity Fee

Overall Highlights

  • Operating with a $1,113,000 budget
    • With expected revenues, $53,000.00 may be pulled from the SGA Reserves
  • Continue to support charter organizations, and being thoughtful about the current use of the Student Activity Fee
  • Increasing support for student organizations through Finance Board changes
  • Increasing stipends across the board
  • Cutting internal SGA costs and unused programs
  • Re-evaluating existing University co-sponsorships

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