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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of idea should I propose?

Those who originally created the Prove It! program were looking for a project that instills a sense of pride in our campus community–something that would make students happy knowing it happened here and that is a permanent change or unifying experience for students. What would you like to see improved, added, developed, used, celebrated, created, or made available for every student at UMBC? Start with these ideas in mind, and work toward finding an idea that truly showcases that students at UMBC have ownership over shaping their communities.

How exactly do the monetary prizes work?

Up to $10,000 of SGA funding will be available to be spent on behalf of the implementation of the ideas of the two winning groups. Although you are not obligated to create a budget that plans to spend the entire amount, you are encouraged to design a plan that makes the best use of the allocated funding. When the finalists are invited to discuss their proposals with the selection committee, they may be asked to modify their budgets according to the committee’s criteria. The SGA will ultimately be responsible for the actual disbursement of the budget’s funds. More details will be provided to those winning teams once the final announcement has been made. A $2,000 stipend will also be split among each of the two groups that develop and implement the winning proposals.

Where does the money come from?

The SGA and each of its initiatives and programs is supported by the Student Activity Fee that each undergraduate student pays annually. This money is budgeted each year to ensure that the money is spent in the most conducive way possible to enhancing the experiences of UMBC’s undergraduate students. The money to run the competition and support winning Prove It! proposals is set aside every year in the SGA Budget, which is drafted by the SGA President and Treasurer and approved by the SGA Senate and Finance Board.

To be eligible, the 3-7 UMBC undergrads must be in good academic standing. What does it mean to be in “good academic standing?”

According to the “Academic Requirements and Regulations” section of the UMBC Undergraduate Catalog, an undergraduate in “good academic standing” is described as having a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or greater. For the purposes of this contest, this description shall be used in determining qualifications.

Once you submit a proposal, can the plan be modified?

If a proposal is submitted before the deadline and the team would like to alter any part of it, this may occur between that time and the deadline. If the modified proposal is not submitted before the deadline, the selection committee will review the original. After the deadline, changes may only occur when the applicants are invited to discuss their proposals with the selection committee. Teams may be asked to modify their plans and/or budgets to meet the selection committee’s criteria or expectations, or to conform to SGA and UMBC policies. Making requested changes will substantially increase the likelihood that a proposal will be selected as a finalist and forwarded on to student voting.

Who should we contact if we have any further logistical questions regarding “Prove It!”?

Feel free to send any questions regarding this contest to, and your questions will be forwarded to the appropriate person or department that can most accurately answer them.

What exactly does the timeline for the selection of the winning project look like?

The selection process will involve multiple stages. In early spring, applicants will be invited to meet with the Selection Committee to discuss their proposals in greater detail. Applicants then have the opportunity to continue to work on their proposals and submit revised proposals to the Selection Committee. The Selection Committee will select approximately six finalists from the pool of applicants. These finalists will then be able to advertise their proposals to students, culminating in a vote by the student body to select the two winning projects.

Who is on the Prove It! Selection Committee?

The selection committee is comprised of students (who will be selected from among the general student body), staff, and administrators who will be able to accurately assess the components of a successful proposal and offer helpful feedback to teams. Students selected to serve on the committee have participated in creating campus change and/or navigated the Prove It! process.

If our proposal does not win, can it still be implemented?

Absolutely! In fact, several Prove It! projects that did not win their respective competitions generated enough interest from Selection Committee members and other members of the campus community that they were implemented in some form anyway.