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Kai Hajos

Being in the Senate for the past two years, I have experience when it comes to fulfilling the duties of being a Senator. Outreaching to the undergraduate student population through public forums and Senator office hours. I have delivered their concerns in Shared Governance Committees and through Initiatives. A current initiative I am working on is the Bikeshare program for a student transportation.

I also attended a 5-day leadership retreat called STRiVE, held by the UMBC’s Student Life. I learned to improve on communication skills, conflict management, handle ethical dilemmas, and learn about more of my values. I accomplished to better myself as a leader and to develop different ways to strengthen the community of UMBC. With STRiVE, I am able to carry out what I have learned to better the environment around me in my later carrier.

As of the spring semester of 2018, I was nominated to be a floor representative by other members in the Susquehanna Community Council. I assist in the communication and promotion of events within my floor, collaborate and contribute with the E-board members, and communicating with the Residential Assistants and Community Directors. Being a floor representative allows me to have a role in the Community Council and bring in new ideas to make the community more safe and welcoming.

As an elected Historian, share new ideas at officer meetings, help plan for events promoting awareness of and pride in Japanese culture, and document the history of events at weekly general body meetings. Prepare and present formal presentations on various cultural topics for discussion at general body meetings. Assist with Japanese language through class tutoring. Participation allows me to embrace and share my own culture with the diverse communities at UMBC.