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Pooja Patel

Although I have never had any role in SGA, I have had a chance to work as a treasurer of a Gender Equality Club in High school. As a treasurer, I managed cash flows of the club and contributed with the board on decisions about funding of the events along with working closely with fundraising team.
I also have a strong academic background in Finance, and I have participated in various state level business plan and budgeting competitions in high school. All of which has earned me a good amount of experience in money management which will help me in my role as a Financial Representative in taking decisions that would benefit UMBC’s students the most.
Apart from that, I am a mentor of REACH initiative, and a member of Investing and Trading Club on campus. I also do local community services and religious services regularly as I like helping people in the way I can. My experiences in past and present have taught me to work with the limited resources and make the best out of them which is a key skill to have as a Finance board representative.