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Department Staff Members

One of the easiest ways to get involved with SGA is by becoming a staff member of an SGA Department. Anyone is able to join a department team at any time! The SGA has eight departments:

  • Academic Affairs
  • Communications
  • Diversity & Multicultural Affairs
  • Environmental Affairs
  • Institutional Affairs & Student Advocacy
  • Health & Wellness
  • Leadership Development
  • Service & Community Outreach

Here is a description of all of the Departments of SGA.

Each department focuses on a different area of policy and is organized under a Director and Assistant Director. To be placed in a department of your choice, just fill out the form below! Department Member/General Interest Form 

*The above application for Department Members is open year round.*


Elected Positions

Each April, the SGA holds an election for various leadership positions for the next school year. These position include: President, Executive Vice President, Vice President for Student Organizations, and Treasurer. In addition, there are 11 electable Senate positions, as well as five at-large Finance Board positions.

The application to run for one of these 20 positions will be made available on this site once the Election Board releases the application.


Appointed Positions in the Executive Branch

Each year, the President of SGA appoints the leadership of the Executive Branch. Please check back in the future for any possible openings.