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SGA’s Finance Board: I Like To Eat, Eat, Eat…Part II

Last night’s SGA Finance Board meeting was definitely one for the records. It was interesting to say the least.

To begin the night, the nominations for “Best Finance Board Representative” were made and will be presented at SGA Awards Ceremony on May 6 at 7:00pm. Following that, Friday during free hour is the SGA Inauguration for everyone to meet their newly elected SGA officers! More information about that will coming soon!

The Finance Board handled their selves extremely well in dealing with issues that had yet to rise throughout the semester before. For example, using personal knowledge on certain proposals in order to make the best decision. However, the battle with the Food Policy in regards to organizations basing events solely off of food came about yet again. Keep in mind that the newly proposed Food Policy is still on a trial implementation and is still under construction when making these decisions. The Finance Board is trying their best to accommodate organizations with their requests yet at the same time trying to have the UMBC community benefit from such factors. Is there really any educational or overall campus benefit for events solely based on food? This is your money being used, through the fees you paid, to fund these various organizations’ events. So let us know where you would like to see your money being used! Voice your opinions and suggestions! You can do so on Tuesdays at 5:30pm in Commons 318.

2010 Student Election

Last night’s Senate meeting began with going over the revisions in the Bylaws that dealt with SGA’s Judicial Restructuring; these revisions will be finalized next meeting before the Black and Gold awards.

The Senator’s then discussed the topic of Monday’s Commons hours: the 2010 Student Election. Overall the elections went well (2nd largest voter turnout with 2,368 votes) but there were still areas for improvement. Some students thought that there was more a sense of pressure to vote rather than to understand the candidates and what they stood for/ planned to do. In addition there wasn’t much advertising until right before the voting time period, lack of coverage in the Retriever Weekly, and no debates between the candidates to address major issues.

How was your experience with the election? What did you think went well and what things do you think needed improvement?

Also, next week common hours will be addressing questions about financial aid next year with the tuition increase. And be sure to stop by for the Smoking Policy Forum which will be on Friday 4/30 anytime between 10am-2pm in the Sports Zone!

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